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What is causing my anterior shoulder pain?

One of the more common things we see in the clinic is anterior shoulder pain. There are many structures that attach to the front of the shoulder including; supraspinatus, bicep, subscapularis, teres major, and pectorals. Finding the exact source of the problem is through a process of elimination in ruling out all of these other muscle groups.

Here at Synergy we will perform a full evaluation clearing the neck and thoracic region before assuming the pain is directly coming from the shoulder. Then we try to determine which muscle groups are involved. Inflammation often isn’t the root cause of your pain, therefore we try to determine what caused the tendon to be inflamed. Tendonitis is dynamic and there are multiple factors that you need to take into consideration with treatment.

  1. Muscles can get in a cycle once they get tighter they often stay tighter

  2. Connective tissue when inflamed is reactive and can compress and constrict structures

  3. Inflammation can become chronic quickly if not addressed

If you’ve tried rest and inflammatories and nothing seems to be working come visit us at Synergy. We can address your issue using a multifactorial approach.

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