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Sports Physical Therapy

With the summer Olympics in full swing, it is an opportune time to bring up the importance of physical therapy in helping athletes maintain a level of performance. The demand that these athletes place their bodies through to be the best does take its toll. Physical therapy often plays a crucial role in recovery through specialized training programs that tailor to their sports and injuries.

As a part of your tailored program a therapist will assess your technique. Wrong techniques during training may result in torn ligaments, muscle injuries, and even broken bones. A therapist can assess your strengths and limitations and design a customized training program. The information acquired is used to map out a routine that may reduce the chances of you developing strains, stress, muscle cramps, or torn ligaments.

Joint flexibility is another integral part in assessing an athlete’s potential. Almost all sports require a degree of flexibility, with the demand varying based on each sport’s needs. Increased flexibility is vital in achieving optimal performance, especially for swimmers and gymnasts and is a proactive way to ward off injury.

Due to the physicality of the patient, we also take into consideration their cardio fitness. The recommended training programs might include cardio workouts that play a crucial role in improving your endurance and breathing patterns. The cardio exercises also contribute to the overall health of the athlete.

The application of sports physical therapy is limitless with a host of benefits. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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