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Does Self Myofasical Release help maintain mobility?

In the clinic we often recommend myofascial release techniques including the foam roll, tennis balls etc. to help maintain mobility. This is especially important between physical therapy sessions where we often use manual therapy to gain mobility and we want you to maintain it between visits.

A recent study, that looked at combining static stretching with self - myofascial release, and it's effect on range of motion and performance.

They assessed the impact of ten- minute interval roller massage on performance and active range of motion.

Both static stretching and roller massage have been shown to be effective at improving range of motion. Static stretching has been shown to possibly effect performance but roller massage does not. The study concluded that the addition of roller massage had a greater effect at maintaining range of motion. This has huge implications for athletes for instance during the down time on the bench or rain delays.

The take home message is that roller massage in combination with static stretching helps further maintain mobility gained in the clinic.

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