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Is “text neck” a real problem or is it all in your head?
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As I near the fifth decade of my life, I am becoming more and more aware of my body and its vulnerabilities.  Surprisingly, I’ve begun to notice this vulnerability when texting. We’ve all been there: casually texting a friend and … Read More

Anti Forward Head Exercises
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Anti Forward Head exercises (photos courtesy of Medbridge Education) Neck retraction Our heads tend to shift forward when we work on computers. To reverse the strain this places on the upper neck, gently retract or move the head backwards.  To … Read More

The Curvy Spine
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“How did I get this crooked”?! Have you ever wondered this while looking in a mirror?  Maybe you thought you were standing up straight but then notice from photos that you actually lean to one side.   Your clothes don’t hang … Read More

Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction
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When it hurts to eat Your mouth is the most important part of your body.  If you have ever injured your jaw or had dental work you’ll recall the agony trying to eat during the healing process.   The ability … Read More

Diaphragmatic breathing
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  Diaphragmatic Breathing   What it is: Contraction of the diaphragm, our main muscle of breathing, moves the diaphragm towards the pelvis as the lungs fill with air. As this occurs, the contents of the belly compress causing the abdomen … Read More

Twist the spine, not the SI joint
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Seated spinal twists can be a perfect ending to a yoga practice. After warming up the body, gently twisting can feel invigorating to the muscles of the spine.  Fresh blood penetrates the muscles that were taut during the twist and … Read More

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