We offer treatment for scoliosis using both the Schroth method as well as the SEAS Approach (Scientific Exercises Approach to Scoliosis). Our therapist Christine was trained through the Schroth-Barcelona Institute and trained with Michele Romano (Italian Scientific Spine Institute) to learn the SEAS approach.  Christine utilizes both methods where appropriate to care for her clients.  Both methods have value and have been proven in the literature to be effective.  Schroth includes specific exercises for specific curve patterns whereby a client learns how to address their specific curve with passive and active assisted corrections.  The SEAS approach is custom to each individual as well.  However, with the SEAS Approach, a person learns how to perform self corrections without props or equipment and effectively move towards their optimal alignment in daily life.  Both methods have value and sometimes one approach is more applicable depending on  your situation and the severity of your curve.  Please contact Christine if you have specific questions or would like more information.  (photos below courtesy of www.schrothnyc.com)