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Prevention of Dance Injuries

Dance Medicine is a specialized realm of healthcare that addresses the unique challenges that face dancers. Young dancers in particular have a high incidence of injury due to the combination of overtraining and their developing bodies. Dancers at any level, however, benefit from a provider who has specialized knowledge of the technique requirements in order to properly diagnose injuries and prevent future ones.

I started treating dancers when I was in Chicago. I, myself, have never been a dancer but have the deepest admiration for the beauty and difficulty of the sport. Having toured with professional dancers and been back stage during numerous performances, I have seen the rigors of what these athletes endure. In the clinic we use a screening tool to predict potential injury. The 4 main categories in this tool are:

  1. Posture

  2. Flexibility

  3. Strength

  4. Balance

Treatment will identify technique flaws and improve the alignment of basic dance sequences. Treatment will also involve your dance instructor and activity modification while keeping you as active as possible. Coming to visit us at Synergy is your first step to a healthier future in dance.

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