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Physical Therapy for Skiers

With ski season getting in full swing we thought it would be appropriate to address those who unfortunately injure themselves on the mountain. Here in the clinic some common injuries we see are torn ACLs, dislocated shoulders and skiers thumb.

As you prepare for another season on the slopes, it’s important to know if your body is ready. The vast majority of ski injuries occur early on in the season, typically at the end of the ski day. Although some part of this can be environmental when there is just not as much snow to cover all of the hazards or if it's icy conditions, many of the injuries occur due to lack of body preparation.

Skiing requires a combination of balance, strength and endurance. It requires adequate hip and knee strength, along with proper muscle activation and timing patterns to ensure hip and knee stability. Muscular imbalances of the entire hip/leg musculature will leave you at a higher risk for knee injuries, including meniscus and ligament tears.

The following are an example of some of the exercises we recommmend:

  • Single leg dead lifts

  • Wall sits

  • Squats

  • Wall slides

  • Box step ups

  • Bridges with resisted abduction and adduction

  • Mountain climbers

Don’t blow your whole season. Let us help you get into tip top shape.

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