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Low back pain

60 to 80% of Adults will experience low back pain at some point in there life. I have learned the hard way that, even Physical Therapist aren't exempt from this. A recent study outlined myths and facts when it comes to the treatment of low back pain. (Treatment of low back pain: myths and facts M W Van Tulder)

Systematic reviews were conducted including identification and selection of relevant trials, assessment of the methodological quality, data extraction (study populations, interventions, and outcomes), and data analysis.

5 Common Myths About Low Back Pain

  1. Ultrasound and electrical stimulation are proven to aid recovery from low back pain.

  2. All low back pain is caused by inflammation.

  3. Specific exercises are needed to correct your posture

  4. You should rest and avoid or stop activity if you are experiencing low back pain.

  5. Behavioral therapy is ineffective

Results from the study showed that treatment for low back pain is dependent on how acute your incident is. An acute injury, where you have recently aggravated your back, responds best to NSAIDs and muscle relaxants as well as activity. Bed rest and avoidance of activity actually prolonged the back injury.

For chronic low back pain patients responded best to Manual Therapy and Manipulation of spine, exercise therapy, back schools, behavioral therapy, and multidisciplinary programs. Manual therapy including dry needling, Graston, deep tissue massage, and spinal mobilization all sped up recovery time.

In conclusion, scientific evidence shows that an active approach to low back pain patients is effective. Here at Synergy we specialize in many forms of Manual therapy and Exercise including Yoga and Pilates. Give us a call today and we can tailor a program to not only help you get out of pain but decrease future incidence.

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