We strive to provide an environment that is therapeutic, educational and fun. Our yoga teachers are also physical therapists and know how to work with injuries. If you have never tried yoga or are recovering from an injury, please let us know prior to class. We recommend calling to register prior to a class to ensure a spot as we try to keep our classes small. Drop-ins are also welcome.


Synergy is no longer offering group classes. However, we do offer private sessions for 1-2 people.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are great for anyone who wants experienced 'eyes' on their practice. Additionally,private sessions are extremely valuable for those: • Who have physical or neurological issues that may affect their ability to enjoy a class setting. • People who are 'brand new' to yoga and want individualized attention and guidance to get started. • Who want to deepen their practice or learn how to work towards more advanced postures safely. Cost is $80 per 45 minute session. Private yoga Wall sessions are $85 for the first session and then $70 for additional sessions.


Synergy will be offering therapeutic workshops. Stay tuned for dates and locations in 2018.

Yoga for a Healthy Spine

Date: September 5th 5:30-7:30 This is a two hour workshop educating participants in what they can do at home to maintain and improve the health of their spine. This workshop will cover: • The anatomy of the spine - what's normal? • How our chair culture affects our mobility and the function of our back. • The spinal series - a movement program designed to improve control and stability of the spine • yoga therapeutics for a healthy back Cost per workshop is as follows: $40 for 2 hour sessions.

Yoga for the Shoulders

Date: October 17th, 5:30-7:30 PM This workshop will discuss common postural faults or tendencies we adopt in our lives and how posture influences blood flow kinematics. Our shoulders are intimately connected to our upper backs so freedom or motion here as well as in the shoulder blades and shoulder joints are equally important. This work shop will teach you how to effectively move the spine and shoulder to enhance blood flow and free up joints. You will also learn how to activate bandhas (energy and muscular lock) to improve the strength and stability of your shoulder.

Properly Utilizing the Thoracic Spine

Date: TBD This workshop discusses postures we've inherited and those we've adopted and how to change/reverse certain patterns. We will discuss the kinematics of the thoracic spine and how to properly access the mobility available here to protect the neck and low back. Learn the function and roll our fascia plays in our mood. Finally, therapeutic techniques to enhance or reverse those postures we adapted.

Introduction to Inversions and the Spinal Rejuvenation Series

Date: December 5th, 5:30-7:30 This workshop will introduce clients to the benefits of inversions and how to safely perform modifications of inversions to gain benefits. We will also partner up using the Yoga Wall for spinal traction. We will learn the Spinal rejuvenation series developed by Aadil Palkhivala to improve disc health and spinal mobility. Clients must not have any condition that would prevent their ability to be inverted including hypertension, glaucoma, reflux. If you have any questions, please call our office. Attendance is limited to 8 participants.